A Woman’s Immune System

It is a well-known fact – women and men are VERY different.   We all know that.  Virtually every organ in a woman’s body – the heart, the gut, the brain is different from a man’s.  The immune system is no exception.  The female immune system is very sensitive to any aberration – smoking, shifts in hormone levels, changes in diet, environmental influences.  According to Dr. Robert G. Lahita, MD, “The male immune system is less complex. It is designed to reject foreign invaders and combat bacteria and other pathogens, but it does not  have the female immune system’s degree of sensitivity.”

For example, doctors have long observed that women tend to develop yeast infections just before their periods.  Studies conducted at Cornell University confirmed it.  It’s also known that a woman’s immune system peaks before ovulation and declines once the egg is released.  Researchers from Sweden have theorized that a woman’s preovulatory rise in immunity is designed to rid her body of germs in preparation for conception and pregnancy, while immune function is suppressed after ovulation or conception to prevent her body from rejecting the sperm or fertilized egg, which the immune system perceives as invaders. 

Other research shows that women who experience morning sickness (which for your information can occur at any time of the day) are significantly less likely to miscarry.  The theory: A pregnant woman’s suppressed immune system makes her and her fetus more vulnerable to infectious microbes in food.  Morning sickness may be an adaptation that predisposes pregnant women to avoid foods that tend to contain high levels of parasites and toxins, such as meat, fish and eggs. 

There you go…..once again women prove to superior to men! Jeje…just kidding. We love men, and whether we like it or not – they do play an essential role in our lives.  :)  Happy Sunday!!

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